Building the #1 Ads Solution

We are innovating in the Ads space by creating a
Lightweight, Easy & Feature Rich Ad solution for WP & AMP

Full AMP Compatibility

AMP has been a priority since the day one of the development cycle of Ads for WP.

Google Adsense

Full support for Google Adsense Ad network.

Inject In-content Ads

Easily add Advertisement between the content after certain paragraph.

Unlimited Everything

You can insert Unlimited Ads, with Positioning and display conditions. Compatibility

Full support for Ad network

Post Specific Controls

You can control the Ad visibility on specific posts with this feature.

Native Ad Vendors Support

Our goal is to implement the native support for all the Ad companies out there.

Allows Custom Code

Add your own custom code using this feature.

Ad Shortcode

Generates a shortcode with which you can insert the AD anywhere in the website.

Development Roadmap

We are Actively developing this plugin to make it #1 in the world. Our aim is to make it bug-free and adding exciting features. We will be pushing the updates every other week to make sure that it's stable and rock-solid!

Coded on Github

We’re collecting the bugs and doing the development on the Github

Join the Telegram Community

We have the whole development and support team available live on the Telegram group.