Ads for WP going into retirement

We are Retiring our Ads for WP plugin and no further development will be done on Ads for WP as we have turned our focus on another revolutionary plugin called WPQuads, so we recommend you to use WPQuads. Regular development will be done here as well as customer support will be provided.

What This Means for Plugin Users

Will this plugin still work?

Yes, The retirement of this plugin will not stop you from working on your websites. If you are happy with how this plugin are running on your site, you don’t need to do anything at this point. but we recommended you to try our another plugin WPQuads.

Can I still get support for this plugin?

No, We will no longer be supporting this plugin or providing customer support.

Why We Are Retiring This Plugin

we have another revolutionary plugin called WPQuads so we are more focused toward this plugin and doing regular development here. you can find out more details regarding this plugin from Here.

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