Ad Analytics & Performance Report Feature Added in 1.0.6 Version (6th Update)

Today I am happy to release the Major feature of Ads for WP which we were planning for a long time. This new update gives you the Analytics tab in the Ads section which requires you to authenticate with Google Analytics. Once you do that, you can get the Ads Impression, Clicks and Analytics report which combines to give you the Performance of the ad. It’s an intelligent system which is not only insightful in increasing and improving your ad revenue but it’s also very lightweight feature.

Here’s the changelog of that update: 

* Major Milestone Feature: Ads Performance Analytics with reports & insights (supports AMP as well)
* Bug Fix: Ads not working in the Widgets #79
* Bug Fix: Auto Ads were appearing only on Single, not Globally. #81


Thank you so much for using our plugin. As always, you keep requesting features, we will keep on implementing it.

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